Every Starting Gate is constructed with highest durability and reliability. There are specific features that make our Starting Barriers unique:

  • The rigidity of the framework—the entire frame, including the tubes between the stalls, are thick enough to avoid any vibration of the walls during the start in order to keep the horses calm and provide more safety for horses.
  • Multifunctionality of all elements – the framework and gates are multifunctional. The gates’ connecting elements can easily bear weights of up to 500 kg.  This helps to save time in leading a horse into the stall. The handlers do not need to look for a place to take a step. 
  • Small turning radius of the steering system – this allows for an easy and quick operating of our Starting Gates.
  • Connecting flexibility of the starting barriers’ units – the starting barriers can easily be connected with each other, which allows for an unlimited number of stalls.  
  • User- friendly space management of the stalls -- our special optimized design provides a user-friendly stall for the participants.



  • Hot-dip galvanized frameworks together with stainless steel gates make our Starting Gates robust against all weather conditions, so that they never have to be repainted.
  • Rains and other precipitation have shortened the life expectancy of common starting gates. For this reason, we have designed our starting gates to be water, scratch and dust resistant meeting the requirements for an all-weather-design in horse racing.
  • Both soft inner layer of our padding and its cover are made from the special materials with UV-resistance, which easily withstands extreme cold or high temperatures and demonstrates its durability and elasticity from -25°C up to +70°C.
  • In designing our padding, we have been sensible to the environmental responsibility by choosing the best of the existing eco care materials!



  • Due to the scratch-, dust- and slip-resistance our starting gates are  easy-cleanable, comfortable to use and efficient during preparation for a race, and after the race.
  • The reliable anti-slip-elements and soft padding in the required thickness serve for safety of Jockey, Handlers and Horse during the start.
  • Inspired by the bionic technologies we use streamlined styling and avoid protruding parts to reduce the risk of injury better than ever before.


  • Electrical system  with distance control (optional)
  • Manual system (optional)
  • Absolute sure
  • low-maintenance
  • Complete stainless steel
  • Photovoltaic module (optional)