Our starting gates for horse racing are produced with the highest quality,
taking the newest technologies into account with its goal to demonstrate our love and passion for the sport. 

We produce a product to last, which is stable and robust against the natural environmental elements as well as usage in time. The stainless-steel construction with its hot-dip galvanized body, makes our Starting Barriers all-weather resistant and increasingly popular in the wet regions of Europe but also in countries with extreme or changeable weather-conditions. Race courses have already been perfectly completed with our Starting Gates having a luxury stainless look and horsehead the power and high quality.

The Safety for Horse, Handler and Rider is our utmost priority. This is the reason we try to eliminate all possibilities for the participants to get hurt in the boxes. All surfaces even small corners are carefully covered with soft all-weather- and scratch-resistant padding.                  


Our Fixed or Mobile Training Gates are made in accordance to the international race standards. The real size boxes allow for both Horse and Rider to get used to the same conditions as in a real racecourse.  Its hot-dip galvanized construction is stable, robust and weather proof, enough to enjoy the training of Horses for many generations. The new anti-stress padding of Training Gates enables the full safety and comfort for all participants.    


Desiring to fulfil the demands for a special segment in horse racing, we have developed starting gates for Icelandic horses with the same qualities in safety and manufacturing.  These gates are produced in accordance with the international racing standards and are executed with highest quality measures, assuring speed of the gates, which leads to success.